Kumquat trees, before Tet


Pick your tree.
Dig up the roots.

Pay your money
to the farmer in boots.

Kumquat trees are potting,
so Tet is coming.


Pluck that branch.
Watch the trees dance

through traffic and lights
on reeling motorbikes.

Kumquat trees are trucking,
so Tet is coming.


The lunar new year
is almost here:

plot some good luck
and plan some cheer.

Kumquat trees are blooming,
so Tet is coming.


Goats and a motorbike to start the year

Goats alive! Apparently motorbike is the conveyance of choice for the modern goatherd.


Dodging goat pellets on a walk during a recent trip to Ninh Binh, we were rewarded with a sighting of the pellet producers. The small herd was being driven by a driver astride two wheels.


Happy new year everyone. May friendly goats greet you at every turn.