Seed Knuckles: the pacifist alternative to brass

Are you really angry but unsure about resorting to violence to solve your problems? Need an alternative to punching the daylights out of the person who is driving you mad? Strap on these seed knuckles and plant a non-invasive species instead!

These fully organic, fast growing grass seeds are harvested sustainably in the paradise that is California. And unlike buying brass knuckles, springing for seed knuckles means you won’t support extractive industries with your hard-earned cash.

So, next time you need to get out some aggression toward that person who really riles you up, avoid court fees and possible jail time — sock it to Mother Earth as an alternative! Simply put on your seed knuckles and punch the ground.

Instead of an enemy, you’ll make a plant!


Brought to you by Swords Into Plowshares Pacifists Inc.

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